Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Samuel’s Room

*Annoyed by the sideways pics, but alas, a baby and an uncooperative computer prevent me from taking the time to correct this in the moment so it will have to do.

As is every room in our home, Samuel’s room is a hodge-podge of furniture and décor pieced together as best as possible.  However, more so in his room than any other room in the house, it actually works.  Perhaps that’s because his room is complete!  Much to my disappointment, decorating is not always high on my priority list when we move into a new place so I basically do a small amount of placing and organizing to make things look settled and then lament over my empty picture frames and unpacked boxes of décor until we move again.

I LOVE the way his room turned out!  I owe sew (misspelling intended) much credit to my mom.  I’ll explain all that she did to help bring it together later.  The sad part is that he won’t be able to enjoy this particular room growing up.  We are moving, this summer and the room that will be his room is much smaller than this one.  The happy part is that we are moving because we are buying a home!  We originally planned on staying put in this one for quite awhile but an offer came up on a nearby neighbor’s home that we couldn’t pass up.  We hope to close at the end of July.

So, back to Samuel’s room…here is how we came up with the décor.  As a girl who has always loved nature, naturally, I wanted to incorporate it into our baby’s room.  I also wanted a gender-neutral option for when #2 (and #3?) come along.  Our color choices were inspired by a sweater I bought online a few years ago that was striped with blue, green, brown, cream and grey.  I have always loved the color combination and I even knitted two baby blankets, one for my niece (using pink instead of blue) and one for my friend’s son based off of the colors.  (A third blanket with these colors is almost complete for Samuel.)  So, armed with my green, brown, cream and blue accents for a boy or pink accents for a girl, my mom and I set off to the fabric store and found this:

This piece became the inspiration for the whole room.  From here we picked out green, brown and cream fabrics to work with.
My mom set to work on the bed skirt, side table cover and window curtains.  The design of the bed-skirt (better seen in the picture at the top though slightly visible below,) came from this Simplicity pattern my sister picked out for her girls’ room.

I loved the simple pleats and use of different fabrics in layers.  The crib and mattress were a joint gift from Samuel’s Granna and Grandma Nonnie, (my mom and Greg’s mom.)  The sheet is an organic cotton sheet from Target and I made the pillow based off of the Simplicity pattern with a few alterations.

Using some quilting strips, pinking sheers, and fabric glue, I created the simple art in the frames.  The frames were some of those that I have, but never filled so I painted them brown and decided to leave the glass out to enjoy the texture of the fabric.

My mom, being the expert seamstress that she is, then came up with her own design for the table cover based off of the bedskirt design.

There are four pleats around the circular table but the front one hides a surprise:

Extra storage!  I had the lamp from my room in college  It was from Pier 1 and it had a red shade.  I ripped the red fabric off of the wire frame (but I kept the beaded fringe for my jewelry projects,) sewed long 5 inch wide strips of the new fabric together and wrapped the lamp frame carefully tucking in the raw edge sides.  It is secured with two little safety pins on the underside because I didn’t feel like hand-stitching something no one would see.  The picture in the frame is actually not Samuel…it’s another one of those “empty” frames I mentioned above.  I swear I’ll get my frames filled when we buy a house.

The glider and ottoman set was given to Greg several years ago when his good friend from seminary, Chris graduated and moved.  I can excuse the bachelor-pad black pleather because this glider reclines.  That’s a great bonus for nursing while mama is sleepy.  My mom and I talked about recovering it, but with the way the padding is attached to the metal is would be very tricky.  Maybe one day…  In the meantime, my neutral blankets and inspiration piece cover it just fine.  The crosses on the wall have all been given to me over the past 10 years.  They were some of my décor that sat in boxes for a couple years but I finally pulled them out again.  I love the way they complete this corner nook.

The valence over the curtain was a fusion of the inspiration piece and this McCalls pattern,  again, thanks to my mom.

The curtain is a simple hemmed length of fabric rolled up on a wooden dowel and held in place with brown ribbons.

The loveseat was one that we used to have in our living room before we bought our “grown-up” sofa, chair and ottoman.  It was given to us by my dad who found it left behind in one of his rental properties.  It had a hideous green fabric that we swiftly covered with this brown stretchy cover from Target.  I sold the 3 giant, floral pillows it had on it in a yard sale and put my proceeds toward two giant red pillows and one brown pillow which are now hidden beneath these wonderful cream and green fluffy covers my mom made with convenient zippers on the side for easy washing or if I ever want the red and brown back.  We have been given several beautiful knitted and crocheted baby blankets that I like to switch out draping on the couch when they are not in use.  Samuel’s great-aunt Cissy crocheted the one in the photo above.

The dresser/changing table was a gift from Samuel’s Grandaddy and Gramma Cyndi, (my dad and step-mom.)  The art above it was given to me by my good friend Hope who was downsizing a bit before her family moved up north.  It is by the famous Dutch artist, Marjolein Bastin and I thought the rustic green frame and nature theme would work perfectly in Samuel’s room.

The painting on the dresser was done by Greg’s grandfather and Samuel’s middle-namesake, Gregor MacGregor Little.  He was a talented artist who used a play on his last name by painting little nature scenes on pieces of driftwood.  He would sell his “Littles” at conventions for just a few dollars.  We are fortunate to have a few of these treasures that were not sold and some now decorate Samuel’s room.

I bought the bookshelf three years ago at a craft store.  It was part of a crafter’s display and I had my eye on it for a year but didn’t like the price tag.  One day I walked in the store and saw a glorious 50% off tag on it and snatched it up.  The sales associate helping me excitedly asked, “Oh! Is this for a little boy’s room?”  Actually, no.  Our bedroom was light blue and dark brown and I thought the bookshelf would compliment it perfectly.  As it turns out, the sales associate was merely having a premonition.

The final bits of art I worked on are a two-sided nameplate.  Obviously my English writing is better than my Hebrew writing.

This little bit of scrapbook paper art was round two after I destroyed the first in a disastrous decoupage attempt.  I found out that decoupage glue has water in it and the pens and markers I used were not waterproof.

This was inspired by something I saw on ETSY that had the perfect verse and reference on it.
Hannah rejoices,
“I prayed for this child and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.”
1st Samuel 1:27

The piggy bank, or bear bank as the case may be was mine when I was a baby and the blanket he’s holding has my name on it.  There’s another “Little” on the shelf.
And finally, here’s one more “Little” that resides over the door, whittled by Grandpa Little.

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Kelly Lawson said...

Love love love it, and the stories of how it all came together. Sad that now he won't get to enjoy the room... but HAPPY that we get to be neighbors!