Monday, May 14, 2012


Today, Samuel sported his SuperSam romper again and showed that not even kryptonite could stop him!
His two-month check-up was complete with shots, an unsuccessful catheter (to see if we can rule out an infection for why he cries before he pees), and a tearing back open a little place where his circumcision over-healed.  It was quite a day!  However, he was stellar.  After each painful encounter he either settled down quickly or quietly nursed for comfort.  Mama and Daddy didn’t even do as well as he did.  We also had an awesome growth report.  Weighing in at 12 lbs. even he has more than doubled his birth weight!

With all of that growing and pricking, we now have some resting to do.  Samuel has given us the gift of three nights in a row of six hours of uninterrupted sleep!  Other milestones we’re making are holding his head up for extended periods of time, following a rattle with eyes and ears, and smiling a lot more in response to seeing mom or dad.  We are enjoying and treasuring these fun moments!


Andrea Ruth said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year now... since before we moved to Waco. When I first found you on here, I thought, wouldn't it be crazy if someday I would meet her? She seems really cool! Well, on Sunday in church when you stood up I was super surprised. You looked really familiar and then when they said your name it all connected. I mean, really, how many other Waco people who look just like you and just had a baby could be named Kessa? So I came here and found that you DO go to Calvary! I know this is all super creepy but it just goes to show that it is such a small world... Anyways, keep posting. I would love to hear more about your birth experience and your journey to simplicity. Hopefully we can meet sometime at church. Thanks!
Andrea Woodard

Kelly Lawson said...

Yay for sleep!!!