Thursday, April 21, 2011

And the verdict is...

…totaled.  I cried.  I didn’t expect myself to, but I did.  I think my tears were not because of an emotional attachment to my 14 year old car, Birdie that I have had for 12 years.  Rather, I think my few tears were because I have tried so hard for those twelve years to take good care of her so she will last until, well…it’s our style to run our cars into the ground until they won’t run anymore.  I was doing a great job of this until I was completely startled back to reality while waiting for a light to turn green.
The part that upsets me most is that the difference between the cost of the repairs and the value of the car is only $100.  A hundred dollars!  But the problem is that I can’t take his insurance’s money and buy a car that is in better shape than mine.  I know the entire history of this car and I know it is going to last a few more years without significant problems and to me that is worth more than a new $2,000 vehicle.
So we will chalk it up as blessing in disguise; keep the money and nix the repairs.  After all, it doesn’t look that bad and it still drives perfectly.

And on an unrelated note, my mom is coming to town today!  I foresee a trip to the Austin Farmer’s Market for Fredericksburg peaches and Poteet strawberries, followed by a lesson from my mom on her award winning Poteet Strawberry jam recipe.  If you're lucky I just might post the recipe.  For some eye candy, here are the strawberries I grew last year.  In the words of Rachel Ray, they were de-lish!


Megan said...

Saaaaddd!! :( Have known and loved that car as long as you have, isn't that funny? :) Had some of my first tastes of freedom riding around with you for 6 months before my 16th birthday! And then after.

And I never forget turning into your neighborhood and you talking about the right away for two people across from each other to make left turns at the same time... I always think of you when I'm in that situation! :)

Megan said...

*the right way, not "right away!"