Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sick & Tired

I’ve started so many blogs in my head in the last couple of weeks. Some of them I finished in my head too. I’m sad that they have not made their way out of my head. I’ve been sick for the last two and a half weeks, though I think I’ve finally kicked this sinus and ear infection.

Being sick has led to being tired all of the time which has led to a cluttered and messy home. This cluttered and messy home is due to all of the craft and food projects I’ve been tackling while trying to nurse myself back to health followed by an unwillingness to clean up after myself. ::spoken in a whiney voice:: "I don't feeeeel goood."

I was also hit by a car yesterday morning while sitting at a stoplight. Fortunately, there was no one in front of me so the accident involved only me and the guy who was too emotionally distressed to realize there was a car in front of him. This was my first (well second, but I hardly count the first girl who hit my 10 years ago) wreck. I remember screaming from shock and not much else.

Unfortunately, I have a very sore neck and a headache since this happened. The other VERY unfortunate thing is that every time I eat or place my mouth in certain positions, I have a shooting pain up my right jaw. In all of my jaw problems the last twenty years, I’ve never felt anything specifically like that pain. I’m also just TWO WEEKS away from the biggest last step in the reconstruction process I’ve been in for five years. I’m so nervous that this will set me back. I’m praying otherwise.

I finished knitting another baby hat and sewing some cute napkins. (Pictures to come.) Otherwise I’ve been working on Suss Cousins’ Long Shawl Collar Coat in Hollywood Knits Style. It the first project just for me in a year and a half. Can’t wait to finish it and show you pics.

Until then, I love this pic I took the day we drove back from Florida.

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