Thursday, October 28, 2010

My First Endeavor in Craftiness

My mom taught me how to make beaded jewelry when I was in third grade. It has been my craft of choice since then though other things are close in the running. In fifth grade I discovered my ability to make money at this little hobby on Entrepreneurship Day. I made dozens of little loop earring that old like hot-cakes! I got the award for making the biggest profit that Day.

I go through phases in this hobby like most. I’ll pick it up and make a ton of things, feel satisfied and then quit for months. A few years ago I was in one of those phases and I put price-tags on some things and sent them to work with my mom. She came back with everything I sent with her. She hadn’t sold anything but she did have a ton of “special requests.” I grudgingly agreed to comply with these requests. Big mistake. My creativity does not

excel in special requests and my hobby felt like a chore.

Lesson learned. I now sell what I have and give away as gifts some of my favorites and don’t particularly enjoy jewelry for weddings. (I did my bridesmaid’s, mom’s mother-in-law’s and my own jewelry for the occasion and got board with the repetition of the same design.

So here’s to creative spurts a little money on the side and personalized gifts.

This one is made with simple tortoise-shell-colored glass beads with tiger’s eye stones.

Happy Birthday, Emilie!

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