Sunday, July 31, 2011

What Were the Israelites Complaining About?

 Tonight we ate quail.
Greg has wanted to do this for some time now so he found a good farm and bought some.  I didn’t grow up eating a lot of “different” or non-traditional types of food, much to my dismay.  As a result, eating something like quail is a bit of an uncomfortable adventure for me, especially when you consider how cute they are!  So, we said a little prayer of thanksgiving for their sacrifice and we dug in.

They were delicious.  Greg put them in a simple honey-thyme marinade and grilled them over charcoal.  I moved out of my comfort zone and enjoyed every nugget of meat.  As for my husband?  Well, not much was heard from his end of the table through the entire meal except utterings of delight and joy.  Even the cats got to enjoy tiny morsels of goodness.  I do believe we will eat that again.

A few other notes unrelated to foul, I’ve made no progress toward my previously mentioned goals, however we did make some “settling in” progress since we moved.  We went to Florida for a week and beach-hopped on both coasts with a visit to Hogwarts and Hogsmead in between.  I hope to one day write a day by day little journal on that trip.  It was a good one.  Again, we’ll see if the thoughts in my head ever make it onto virtual paper.  I’ve been reading up a storm lately and have all knitting projects on hold.  I am sensing a shift in the other direction soon.