Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Floridian Christmas

My husband is from Florida. Thank goodness!! This means that for holidays (or anytime we can afford it really,) we have somewhere very exciting and fun to go. This year was a little disappointing because the weather was so cold! Well, I mean cold for Florida. We are used to enjoying weather in the 70’s-80's when we go but the only day of that this year was Christmas Day. The rest of the time we were bundled up for temps in the 40’s-50’s. Not Florida warm, but still beautiful with sunshine.

What was not disappointing was our time with family. We only get to see his family about once a year so we treasure every moment. Since Greg’s brother is as good of a cook as he is (maybe better?) we ate like kings and queens. I’m pretty sure I remember having to be rolled from the table at least once. We stayed at his brother and sister-in-law’s house on the west coast in Vero Beach and his mom and Grandma drove in from Venice Island on the east coast. We also shared the house with our three nephews Talisker and Cypress:

And Monty, a small pup weighing in at 224 lbs. full of love

That's a guitar strap for a collar.

Have you ever seen a Dragon Tree? I don’t know why I haven’t noticed them in our previous trips. They are my new favorite!

No trip to Florida is complete without a trip to the sand and water…though we didn’t actually touch either this year. We chose a brief walk down the boardwalk instead. I’m trying to talk my husband into a Spring or Summer trip. I want him to teach me how to surf.

And last but not least:

Wait till you see me juice these babies!!

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