Saturday, May 22, 2010

Six Months Later...

It has been nearly six months since I started this blog and penned the previous post. My life has taken a dramatic, though perhaps slow, turn in the direction I was hoping for. I regret not taking the time to write and reflect through many of the changes as they took place, but times of change often don’t allow time for writing, though I was certain to not leave out the reflecting part.

Just to list a few of the changes:

v I graduated with my masters and for the first time in 22 years I am not in school.

v I began my second container garden, which is four times the size of the first (and was in the Fall) but every bit as experimental as the first.

v In two weeks I will complete a job I have been in for two years which fully uses the degree I’ve received and I will continue in another job, which required simply 4 weeks of on the job training.

v I am helping to start a local Farmer’s Market in the downtown area of my great city.

v I’ve tried to make drastic changes about our “green living” for our own health as well as for the health of our environment.

The list is longer, but these are a few of the highlights I hope to unpack in future posts.

Here’s to journeying on…

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